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Empowering Startups by
Enabling investors

Launch Capital is a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs engage with investors who provide more than just financial backing. Our investors are experienced mentors, strategic partners, and global connectors committed to elevating startups to unprecedented levels of success.

For Angel Investors

Curated Opportunities: Invest confidently with meticulously vetted startups aligned with your goals.

Diversification Made Easy: Access a diverse portfolio, spreading risk and maximizing return potential.

Hands-On or Hands-Off: Choose your level of involvement—be an active mentor or watch your investment flourish.

For Startups

Funding with a Boost: Secure capital from investors who believe in your vision and bring extensive experience to the table.

Beyond the Money: Access business management expertise, strategic partnerships, and a global network for exponential growth.

Mentorship and Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned investors who act as your sounding board, cheerleader, and guide through every challenge.


At Launch Capital, our mission is to ignite the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs while fueling the ambitions of investors, big and small. We aim to be the driving force behind the realization of entrepreneurial visions, providing comprehensive financial guidance, capital mobilization, and strategic consultation to transform dreams into enduring achievements.


Our vision is to be the ultimate catalyst for innovation, bridging the aspirations of startups with the resources and opportunities they need to flourish. We aspire to create a dynamic ecosystem where startups thrive, investors reap the rewards of strategic investments, and small-time investors find accessible entry points to the world of entrepreneurship.


Enabling Startups and Investors to build the Future of India

At Launch Capital, our proficient team possesses an expansive network adept at generating prime investment prospects. Complementing this, we extend co-investment openings and boast a fund structure that resonates with exceptional enterprises. Our rigorous curation methodology guarantees exclusivity, ensuring that our investments are exclusively directed towards the most promising startups.

The Launch Capital Advantage

Seasoned Investors
Seasoned Investors

Our team has a proven track record in identifying, nurturing, and scaling successful startups.

Operational Expertise
Operational Expertise

We don't just invest; we roll up our sleeves to guide startups towards sustainable growth.

Global Network
Global Network

Connect with potential partners, customers, and investors worldwide, expanding your reach.

Market beating returns
Market-Beating Returns

Our focus on high-potential startups and hands-on support consistently delivers returns that exceed market averages.

Board of directors

The Think Tank behind
Launch Capital

Subhash Baliga

An accomplished senior-level corporate finance executive with more than three decades of experience in the PE/VC industry. Subhash's expertise in raising capital and investing in start-ups reflects his deep understanding of the start-up ecosystem. He frequently shares his insights as a speaker at industry events.

Milind Garud

An astute chartered accountant with over 30 years of diverse business experience, Milind excels in offering strategic guidance and mentorship to start-ups. His successful track record as an investor underscores his ability to identify and support promising companies.

CA Ninad Date

A dedicated chartered accountant with over a decade of experience in audit and advisory services, Ninad is well-versed in the financial and regulatory needs of start-ups. His commitment to providing top-notch services is evident through his membership in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Advisory Board:

Chandrashekhar Kane

A seasoned business leader with four decades of experience across diverse industries, Chandrashekhar brings valuable operational and strategic insights. His talent lies in recognizing and capitalizing on growth opportunities, and he actively contributes as a speaker at industry events.

Shantanu Vinekar

An experienced marine engineer with over 35 years of expertise in shipping, oil & gas, and marine services. Shantanu's profound understanding of technical and operational aspects is instrumental in managing complex projects and teams. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his membership in the Institute of Marine Engineers.

Girish Tilak

Girish, an accomplished Head Hunter, brings a wealth of experience in talent acquisition across diverse industries, including hospitals, ready mix concrete, multiplex, float glass, container glass, auto ancillaries, medical devices, cosmetics & personal care, precision machine tools, and private equity funds. His professional journey has taken him both across India and internationally. In addition to his successful career, two Marathi books, "Head Hunter" and "Nipun Shodh," were written by Sumedh Vadavala Risbud. These books offer a unique perspective on the intricacies of head hunting, providing valuable insights for those interested in understanding talent acquisition across various industries.

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