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About Us

Welcome to Launch Capital, a realm where dreams are fostered, and innovation takes center stage.

Embark on a revolutionary journey with Launch Capital, the driving force that's geared to propel groundbreaking startups towards unprecedented success. At Launch Capital, we not only help you get startup investments in India but also a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers visionaries and pioneers. Going beyond mere funding, we establish strategic partnerships, deliver hands-on mentorship, and foster a global network to guide your startup from inception to commercialization. Our diverse team of industry experts is committed to supporting you at every stage, ensuring your innovative concepts thrive and bring about transformative change. As ardent advocates of innovation, we actively seek ventures that introduce groundbreaking and disruptive products, services, or revolutionize existing processes. Partner with Launch Capital for more than just getting startup investments in India. Embrace a dedicated ally, a partner who will champion your entrepreneurial dreams. Submit your proposal, passionately pitch your vision, and reshape the future.

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The value of an idea lies in the using of it. – Thomas Edison

Board of directors

The Think Tank behind Launch Capital

Meet the driving force behind Launch Capital, a dynamic team of visionary and experienced professionals dedicated to fueling the next generation of innovations by nurturing and supporting them to acquire startup investments in India.

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Subhash Baliga


CA Milind Garud


CA Ninad Date


Why Us

Embark on the path to
Startup Success With Launch Capital

Formidable Partnerships

At Launch Capital, we assume the role of trusted advisors and partners. Our team of experienced professionals shares strategic insights, industry expertise, and a vast network to steer your startup towards success.

Engaged Mentorship

Our dedication to your growth goes beyond funding. We offer hands-on mentorship, delivering personalized guidance and support at every juncture of your entrepreneurial journey. Whether refining your business strategy or navigating challenges, we empower you with the knowledge and tools to excel.

Global Connectivity

Launch Capital opens doors to a realm of opportunities. Our extensive global network connects you with industry leaders, potential collaborators, and investors, expanding your reach and establishing a platform for groundbreaking partnerships.

Innovation Hub

Our passion lies in nurturing innovation. Launch Capital actively seeks and supports ventures with the potential to revolutionize industries and instigate positive change. If innovation drives you, we're here to fuel your passion and empower you to turn your ideas into reality.


Embark on your Entrepreneurial
Journey With Launch Capital Startup Investments in India

Illuminate Your Vision


Spotlight Your Brilliance


Cultivate a Strategic Partnership


Propel Your Startup's Growth


Illuminate Your Vision

Reveal your groundbreaking idea to us. Submit a comprehensive business proposal detailing how your startup will leave a lasting impact on the world.

Spotlight Your Brilliance

Should your proposal capture our interest, you'll receive an invitation to participate in a pitch session. This is your opportunity to showcase your passion, expertise, and the transformative potential of your venture.

Cultivate a Strategic Partnership

Successful partnerships are forged through shared aspirations. We will work closely with you to ensure our visions align, fostering a synergy that propels extraordinary results.

Propel Your Startup's Growth

Once strategic alignment is established, we will provide the financial backing and resources necessary for your startup to ascend to new heights. Our commitment extends beyond funding; we are dedicated to your long-term success.

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