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About Us

Launch Capital – Reducing investment risks. Increasing your scope for better returns.

At Launch Capital, we grasp the intricate challenges Indian startup investors encounter when seeking promising start-up investments. Our core competence lies in simplifying this process and steering investors toward optimal opportunities. Through our extensive network and industry acumen, we meticulously scrutinize emerging ventures, factoring in vital elements like market viability, leadership capabilities, and growth potential. By harnessing our diverse team's expertise and insights, we curate a portfolio of high-potential start-ups, aligning these selections with investors' goals and risk tolerance. Our unwavering commitment to due diligence ensures Indian startup investors access start-ups boasting robust business models and ground-breaking concepts, elevating their prospects of supporting prosperous and rewarding ventures.

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Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble. – Warren Buffett

Key Features

Unlocking the World of Venture Capital for Everyone

At Launch Capital, we're leveling the playing field in the venture capital arena. We're breaking down barriers and offering early-stage investors the chance to dive into emerging startup opportunities with an easily accessible starting point of just Rs. 100,000.

Your Place at the Table of Success

For investors who are ready to commit Rs. 25 lakhs or more to a single deal with Launch Capital, an esteemed position on the Cap Table of the startup company awaits. This coveted spot grants you the rights of a shareholder, complete with a share of the company's profits.

Invest on Your Own Terms

Launch Capital empowers investors to take charge of their investment decisions. You have the freedom to pick and choose from the opportunities presented, tailoring your investment strategy to align with your goals. Invest in one, many, or none – the choice is yours.

Rewards for Early Visionaries

In the fiscal year 2023-24, Launch Capital will not impose any Carry Fees on your investments, ensuring that 100% of Capital Gains flow directly to you. Early investors can anticipate the potential for significant returns on their investments.

Diverse Investment Avenues

With deal sizes ranging from Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 150 lakhs, Launch Capital offers a spectrum of investment options. This variety caters to investors who are keen to diversify their portfolios and explore a range of promising early-stage startups.

Seasoned Portfolio Management

At Launch Capital, we're dedicated to nurturing and overseeing the growth of your portfolio investments, ensuring they flourish until a profitable exit becomes a reality. Rest assured, your investments are in capable hands with our experienced team.

Board of directors

The Think Tank behind Launch Capital

Meet the driving force behind Launch Capital, a dynamic team of visionary and experienced professionals dedicated to fueling innovation and nurturing the next generation of groundbreaking startups

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Subhash Baliga


CA Milind Garud


CA Ninad Date


Why Us

Turning startup investment
Aspirations into reality

Curated Deals

Launch Capital carefully selects its deals through:

  • A rigorous screening process: To ensure that investors access high-quality opportunities that align with their criteria.
  • Co-investment opportunities: With established angel and venture capital funds, providing a chance to join experienced investors for potential success in the startup ecosystem.

At Launch Capital, transparency is a cornerstone of our investment approach. We furnish investors with comprehensive details about each deal, including:

  • Deal pipeline
  • Individual pitch deck
  • Videos
  • Business model
  • Competitive landscape
  • Entry barriers
  • Due diligence report

This valuable information is accessible to investors through a shared drive, empowering them to make well-informed investment choices.

Enhancing Investor Experience with Technology

Our app offers investors the convenience of monitoring their portfolio on Android or Apple devices. It provides transparent access to MIS reports and key developments, ensuring informed investment decisions.

Benefits of Launch Capital's App:

  • Accessibility from anywhere, anytime
  • Transparency for confident decision-making
  • User-friendly design for all investors.
Effortless Investment Management

Launch Capital streamlines paperwork and portfolio tracking for investors. We handle administrative tasks, so you can focus on selecting deals. We provide periodic performance updates, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


  • No paperwork or tracking worries.
  • Regular investment performance updates.
  • Your investments are managed by experienced professionals.


Navigating The investment Journey:
A Step-By-Step Guide for Indian Startup Investors



Due Diligence


Advisor Assessment


Access for Investors


Investor Selection




Managing Demand


Investment Framework


Addressing Conflicts of Interest


Investor Responsibilities



At Launch Capital, our founders meticulously assess all incoming investment opportunities using our EXCLUSIVE EVALUATION METHOD. Proposals that don't align with our investment criteria are regrettably declined, with notifications sent to the respective startups.

Due Diligence

Following the initial screening, our founders embark on a comprehensive due diligence journey. This in-depth examination takes into account various factors, including the background, qualifications, and expertise of the startup's promoters. We also delve into aspects like the business model, current financial performance, potential for profitability, scalability, uniqueness, barriers to entry, and the feasibility of achieving a profitable exit within a reasonable timeframe.

Advisor Assessment

The next step involves our investment advisor, who conducts a thorough evaluation of the selected opportunities. They meet with the startup's promoters and engage in a rigorous assessment of multiple parameters. It's at this stage that investment decisions crystallize.

Access for Investors

CURATED AND CRYSTALLIZED deals are then made available to registered investors through Launch Capital's dedicated app, compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Investor Selection

Registered investors gain access to an array of relevant documents and information via a shared platform. Those intrigued by an opportunity can express their interest and specify their capital commitment for each deal. They also have the chance to engage in a video call with the startup's promoters to gain deeper insights.


For investors ready to proceed, a term sheet is prepared and signed by both Launch Capital and the startup. This term sheet is then shared with confirming investors. To solidify their commitment, these investors must counter-sign the document and pledge their respective contributions within seven working days.

Managing Demand

In the event of high demand, allotments will be distributed proportionally among investors. Conversely, if the response falls short, the deal may be declined, unless an investor is willing to bridge the gap or the startup enterprise accepts a lower subscription.

Investment Framework

Investor contributions are managed collectively through Launch Capital, with individual investors receiving units corresponding to shares in the startup enterprise. However, investors committing Rs. 25 lakhs or more in a single startup enterprise have the option to directly join the startup's Cap Table.

Addressing Conflicts of Interest

Transparency is key at Launch Capital. Any investor with a conflict of interest regarding a potential investment is expected to disclose it upfront. If necessary, the investor must refrain from participating in the deal.

Investor Responsibilities

In line with our commitment to integrity and collaboration, we expect all investors to act in a manner that upholds the interests of Launch Capital and fellow participants. It's our collective effort that fuels our success.

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